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At this blog we will test and review Dating Programs, videos, audio CD's and e-Books from the worlds best pick up artists. We have a lot of products just waiting to be tested and reviewed. You can find a lot of Internet Dating Tips here and we will provide free online advice on dating. 


Friend to Girlfriend

The first one includes coaching and tips for dating a friend and is called 'Friend to Girlfriend' which is a fantastic product that is very affordable. 'Friend to Girlfriend' is a huge package that unlike most other programs has a dedicated chapter on taking you out of the "Friendzone":


  • 11 PDF manuals on how to turn your friend into your girlfriend, seduction, how to behave around women and Sexual Communication.
  • 8 MP3 audio interviews with Carlos Xuma, David Wygant, Joseph Matthew and Ron Williams on Sexual Communication, Sex Appeal, Move from the first meeting and how to transform you into a Confident, Attractive man.
  • 12 videos on the Fundamentals, Attraction, Mentality and Sexuality.


If you want to make your best friend your girlfriend this is a great package. It is probably the only one on the market and you will learn a lot more than just making your friend your girlfriend! If you are a novice and want to learn how to behave around women and how to communicate (and subcommunicate) this is a great place to start.

This program is a great start for anyone who wants to learn how to approach and date women and like most other programs this will work wonders for any beginner. How to turn a friend into a girlfriend is a bonus that most other programs does not address so this will be a benefit for many a man who finds himself in the dreaded "Friendzone". Here is the answer to what to do when your girlfriend just want to be friends.

This was our first Dating System review and we still review the updates to this system. Anyone can use this system even if they are not in the 'friendzone'. 

Check it out here: Friend to Girlfriend






Players Dating Secret

A Complete Pickup, Dating & Seduction Video Course For Men. Learn how to be a player in the dating game.


  • Are you afraid of rejection?
  • Do you think that beautiful women is not for you?
  • Do you think women like you because of your look?
  • How do other guys get dates when I don't?
  • Have you forgotten how to seduce women?


Master body language and learn how talk to women. Get deeper insight in women. Learn how to be confident. Be a leader and learn how to create a Pick Up Mood of high energy approach. How to display High Value and learn new habits. Temptation and seduction. Discover your inner Alfa Man!

Check it out here: Players Dating Secret



Internet Dating Mastery

Too many guys are just not getting the results they want with Internet Dating. You write up what you think is a great profile… spend countless hours responding to ads… and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one or two responses from women who are, “not quite your type”. This program will teach you:


  • How to make your profile stand out from all the rest
  • The three things a guy should NEVER put in his online profile
  • A way to design your profile that will have women dying to know more about you
  • What kind and how many pictures you should have in your profile
  • How to write compelling Emails
  • How to set up an AWESOME First Date
  • How to avoid Internet Dating Scams




This is the most comphrensive Online Dating System you will ever find and this system costs less than a dinner for two at McDonalds! The system is very detailled and every aspect of Online Dating is covered. If you want to start dating using the Internet this is the system for you!

Check it out here: Internet Dating Mastery






Dating Dominance!  Not available anymore!!!

Dating Dominance! is a comprehensive course that will teach men how to pick up any woman they want despite their age, looks and income. If you are having a hard time approaching women or if you get rejected, if you are uncertain what she feels and if you are nerveus around women this is a great system.


  • This system will teach you:
  • How to understand women.
  • How to become aware of what women want.
  • How to develop confidence with women.
  • How to read her bodylanguage.
  • How to flirt and create attraction.


This system will teach you the value of being social and how to do it and you will gain a lot more alpha quality. For almost no money you can also get access to membership and you will receive updates for FREE!

This program costs less than a dinner for ONE!

Check it out here: Dating Dominance!