Some people say that behind every successful Man is a Woman and to some extent I think that is true. It takes a man to make a decision, but he needs a woman to make the right decision! Personally I focus very much on the inner game so I will translate this to: It demands masculinity to make decisions but it demands femininity to make the right decision!


The extreme masculinity is primitive. He conquers the world and doesn't care how. History tells us how dictators tried to enslave countries and how they have failed. The man who knows his feminine qualities such as emotions, care, concern and can make use of them is more balanced and stands a much greater chance of succeeding.


One of the BIG secrets that people almost NEVER will discover because they live unbalanced lives, is that in the exact balance between a well developed masculinity and a well developed femininity, miracles will happen. This balance is a prerequisite for love! In this perfect balance the heart and the mind will open and love, wisdom, abundance, natural humor and natural leadership WILL flow!