Tips for dating a friend
 A summary of free online dating advice and things to be aware of when dealing with your coming girlfriend.
  • Don't sacrifice anything for her. Be your self.
  • Don't be her therapist listening to her telling you about problems with her boyfriends!
  • Don't buy her (expensive) gifts.
  • Don't try to reason, argue or persuade her. Emotions are NOT logic and it won't work.
  • From the point you meet her you have approximately ten hours before you are placed in the friendzone.
  • Those ten hours can be spread over days or even weeks. In those ten hours you will probably not hear her talk about being friends but after that you will. After those ten hours you need all the help you can get from the Friend to Girlfriend system!
  • Don't wait for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is already here! It's NOW!
  • See other girls.
  • Be the center of the action.
  • Don't be Mr. Nice Guy. Mr. Nice Guy is a perfect friend. Not a sexual being!
  • Be playful and FUN! Tease her.
  • Tell her something nice to pull her into you and then say something to push her away. And do it again and again. This way you are the Master!
  • Be the MAN you were born to be!
  • Don't give her all your time. Be the one to leave when you are having the greatest time. Don't wait until there is no more (or only little) energy left.
  • Be in control.
  • Be the Leader.      
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