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There is not a lot of material on the Inner Game out there, but never the less, what we have found and thoroughly analyzed is probably some of the best stuff that ever will be made on this topic. David Deangelo has made a few DVD series which are truly fantastic. And NO! We don't get paid to promote David's stuff!

His DVD's are so amazing that you will not recognize your self after viewing one of his programs! Man Transformation is HUGE and goes far beyond what you would expect to be Inner Game stuff and this should be elementary content in any kind of Leadership.

As far as I know David is no therapist, but seing him in action in this set of videos makes me think of powerful teachers like Byron Katie and Anthony Robbins.

We actually bought ALL Davids products on DVD, except "Become Mr. Right" which we will review later. These reviews are the short versions and soon we will upload some reviews that is much more comphrensive. Here are The Inner Game products:



Deep Inner Game by David Deangelo

If you dare look into yourself this program really creates the foundation for a confident man. If you want to know why you get rejected or if you want to go underneath your approach anxiety, if you want to take control over your emotional life and transform yourself into a confident and powerful guy that will attract women – this is the program you are looking for! Seven DVD's with more than ten hours video! It goes deep and you will start learning some new things about yourself.


On Being  A Man by David Deangelo

This program will help you become a powerful man who is attractive and confident. Become a naturally magnet! Four DVD's with more than six hours of video. David explains in detail what a Man is and what a boy is and leads the way from boyhood into manhood!


Man Transformation by David Deangelo

Man Transformation is a huge program on 23 DVD's that covers every aspect of Man Being. You will get a new perspective on who you are as a man, areas in your life where you are asleep and how much (or how little) you are in control of your life! Here is a lot of new angles on behaviors, awareness, willpower and a lot of NLP techniques to help you transform. Lots of techniques are demonstrated.

Beliefs are a huge element in our lives and you wil wake up to what it is and how they control you! You will see the world around you in a much clearer perspective! (I personally LOVE this. Beliefs are my favorite subject!)

'Negative' emotions such as fear and guilt are being elucidated and a lot of external experts are invited to talk in this program. Topics that David covers: Challenges with women, maturity, therapy, coaching, morality, being realistic, relationships, sex, passion, dating, being present, intimacy, confidence, grounding, attraction, touching, social intelligence, high status, authenticity, physical health, time management, money and success,  leadership and much, much more!!!

It just doesn't get any better. It is all here on 23 DVD's! One epiphany after another!!!